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October 18 2018

October 13 2018

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October 04 2018

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August 20 2018

Why wouldn’t we presume that the same fraction of trips taken in a personal car could also have been accomplished by foot, bike, or transit? Good question! But neither the federal travel survey, nor New York’s own mobility survey thought to ask.
Ride-Hailing Didn't Cause Urban Traffic Congestion - CityLab

August 19 2018

KI heißen nur Dinge, die nicht funktionieren.
KI-Experte Chris Boos: „Rationales Denken ist derzeit nicht hip“

August 17 2018

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Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Lives (Official Video) - YouTube

August 16 2018

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August 04 2018

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July 31 2018

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July 30 2018

July 29 2018

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July 26 2018

July 23 2018

battery-powered low-speed not-a-cars
A Guide to Little Vehicles, the Future of Urban Mobility - CityLab

July 20 2018

As part of the 24-month pilot program, electric scooter companies selected to operate in the city will need to provide user education and insurance, share its detailed trip data with the city, have a privacy policy that protects user data, offer a low-income plan and operate in a to-be-approved service area. The city will allow no more than 2,500 electric scooters on the streets at any one time.
Shared electric scooters probably won’t return to SF until August | TechCrunch
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