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April 26 2018

April 17 2018

April 09 2018

April 06 2018

April 02 2018

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April 01 2018

Stangeneier - oster-sendung mit der maus - YouTube

March 30 2018

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March 28 2018

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March 27 2018

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March 24 2018

March 23 2018

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This is a catastrophe for Uber. It's also a catastrophe for the Tempe police, who were wrong when they said Herzberg's death was "likely unavoidable" because she "abruptly darted out in front of the car."

A slow moving pedestrian at night—well beyond human line of sight—is precisely what radar and Lidar sensors are supposed to see. This is precisely the type of crash self-driving cars are designed to prevent.

Uber blew it.

Disgraceful Dashcam Video Proves Uber Is the Theranos of Self-Driving - The Drive
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March 22 2018

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Electronic Brainwashing: Cambridge Analytica's Sinister Facebook Strategy | The Daily Show - YouTube
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